We are a social enterprise.


We produce good designs by evaluating the knowledge and skills of producing communities. We advocate sustainable and ethical production.


We use all our earnings to strengthen disadvantaged producer communities economically.


There are hundreds of producer communities in Turkey who want to stand on their own feet with their skills. Contributing to the creative and productive lives of these communities is our most valued impact goal.


Our design support program for communities makes it easier to access effective market resources with their products. In this way, they can gain access to a regular livelihood.


For everyone to shop with peace of mind: We care about the creation of a clean and fair supply chain in the production process.


From material to design; We follow the journey of the material step by step at every stage from design to production. We believe that a clean and fair production is possible.


Design is a tool for us to empower productive communities. We make the designs most suitable for the knowledge and experience of the producer communities, while we build systems that match their living conditions.


We make inclusive materials that transform the skills of diverse communities into products, into useful forms, making them part of our daily lives.


Change will come by acting together.


That's why at Joon we invite individuals and organizations to change their purchasing behavior.


We believe that we will be a creative and free community by revolutionizing the handmade! 


Meet the team!


Duygu Vatan



Azra Süngü



Cansu Tüzüner

Art Director


Rumeysa Ersoy



Boran Mergen

Production Coordinator


Öykü Şahin




Hapiness Expert

Awards we won