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Business Model of Today and the Future: Social Enterprises

Social enterprises are structures whose main purpose is to solve social and ecological problems and that engage in economic activities to solve these problems in a sustainable way. We believe that social enterprises are the business model of today and the future, therefore, by taking part in the Open Open Social Enterprise Platform, we declare that we are a social enterprise with our purpose, our values, our financial structure, our functioning and our social and / or ecological impact focus.

Social Enterprise Statement *


  • This social enterprise was established to find a solution to a social and / or ecological problem. It aims to maximize its positive social and / or ecological impact in strategy, investment, financing, operations, production, communication processes and decisions. This purpose is clearly stated in the establishment documents and / or public documents.


  • It recognizes nature and human rights at all stages from production to distribution and promotion of products and / or services.

  • It does not discriminate against any individual or organization on the basis of nationality, race, gender, sexual identity and orientation, religion, age, social status, political orientation or any other non-performance criteria, verbally or practically.

  • Does not participate in any act of violence; does not support or praise violence through its discourse, actions and means of communication.

  • It does not attempt to obtain any undeserved income, privilege, advantage and similar elements while continuing its work in line with the principles of transparency and accountability; does not make unethical and illegal demands from its stakeholders.

  • It is open to duplication, collaboration, sharing of models and ideas for systematic transformation and transformation of the field.


  • More than 49% of the profit obtained from product, service and / or share sales is not distributed to the shareholders, it is used again to maximize social impact.

  • It uses financial tools such as loans, grants, investments, etc. to increase its social impact.

Social Impact

  • Shares the impact plan and shows the necessary effort to measure its impact.

  • It shares its impactful outcomes with the public and relevant stakeholders.


  • Observes nature, society and human rights at all stages from production to distribution and promotion of its products and / or services.

  • It ensures that the employees who produce their products and / or services together, work with a fair wage policy in a healthy and safe working environment.

  • It acts within the wage scale of the product and / or service sector it is in.

  • In line with the values ​​adopted above, it does not engage in promotional and communication activities that mislead the public and lead to excessive consumption.

This social enterprise declares that if there is a change related to the above articles, it will notify Açık Açık.

* This declaration has been prepared by Açık Açık Association, Ashoka Turkey and Deduction Economic Association.